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Special programs available for premed, medical school and nursing school students.

Biomedical tutoring available for a broad range of courses and applications. 

What is Distance Tutoring?

Distance Tutoring is a unique tutoring service matching students with qualified tutors around the world.

What technology is used for communication between a student and a tutor?

Depending upon facilities available to you as a student and to the tutor with whom you are working, and depending upon your own preferences, communication can be by telephone, including land line, cell phone, and VOIP (services such as Skype), as well as by email, texting, webcam, web-meeting, Distance Tutoring proprietary website services, postal service mail, cans and string, smoke signals, and any other communication medium, old or new, that can provide the critical link between student and tutor.

What academic subjects are the focus of Distance Tutoring?

While initial focus has been on the sciences, and, in particular, the biological sciences, Distance Tutoring is expanding to provide tutoring services in all areas of intellectual endeavor.

What academic grade levels are supported?

The service was initially aimed at university level students in both undergraduate and graduate/professional programs. Because of demand, Distance Tutoring services are now also available for high school/university preparatory school students.

 Who are the tutors?

The tutors are educators. They are professors, teachers, highly successful advanced students, and professionals whose knowledge, interests and intellectual passions match up with the requirements of the subject matter and the needs and demands of the students that they tutor.

What are the costs associated with using the services of Distance Tutoring?

Costs are determined based upon time, subject and tutor. Distance Tutoring is unique in offering great flexibility to students in their use of the service. This same flexibility attracts exceptional tutors who might not otherwise make themselves available to students. Whether you want to prepare for a famously challenging examination or desire limited assistance on a specialized topic, Distance Tutoring will work diligently to provide a skilled tutor to meet your needs. You will be supplied with financial information upfront so that you can make an informed decision about using Distance Tutoring services.

I am interested in Distance Tutoring services. How do I follow-up?

Please click on the CONTACT US tab at the top of this page. Complete the form, or as much of it as you feel is necessary to express your interest, and send it on its way. A member of the Distance Tutoring staff will promptly respond to your request. If you prefer, you may also contact Distance Tutoring by telephone or email using the information that follows at the bottom of this page.

Distance Tutoring

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